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Kimberly (August, 2019)

Dr. Shao and Sam are wonderful.  They were my first experience with acupuncture and after going here, I'm not sure why anyone would consider going anywhere else.  I'm already seeing marked improvement in my trouble areas (Achilles tendons, neck and hip) after only 4 visits.  I don't particularly like needles, but Dr. Shao is gentle and very considerate when given feedback regarding discomfort during placement.  You can tell she really cares about her patients and is not trying to cram as many appointments into one day as possible.  She spends time with you.  Overall experience is excellent and I look forward to my treatments each week.

Mira (March, 2019)

I have gone to Dr Shao for years. She is the best and most experienced in town. She has trained her whole life.

D.W. (October, 2017)

I have been coming to Dr. Shao for a number of years now, as needed. She helps where western medicine begins to fail. Better living through chemistry, or surgery is not always the best answer. What we eat is a major concern and it shows up as dysfunction in the body. She can address root causes for issues. You will come away feeling better. You will return for tune ups, trust me to stay healthy.

Chantal (October, 2017)

I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Shao many years ago. That experience, and my subsequent visits, changed my life completely! Over the years she has treated me for many things, including really bad sports injuries. I relocated to another city in Florida a few years ago. However, I often wish I could get back to her for treatment. Wonderful energy and people! Thank you for everything Dr. Shao, and Sam! The last injury i was in for was my badly sprained ankle. Which you helped heal completely, without surgery! Thank you sooo much! I hope everyone is super well! See you next time I make it to Tampa!

Renee (July, 2017)

Results are seen quickly here especially if you follow Dr. Shao's recommendations for diet changes. My family received the following services here: Allergy Elimination Therapy, opening of locked sinuses, Acupuncture for muscles and joint pain, and help with health and weight loss. They are truly experts in the field!

Claudia (July, 2017)

Great people. The treatment worked perfect for my knee pain. Moderate price. 100% reommendable.

Brie (June, 2017)

Dr. Shao is the best.

Anita (November, 2016)

Dr. Shao is amazing l suffered from allergies for years, was on several medications nothing helped.
After 2 sessions I am completely symptom free. She is treating me for bursitis I have had cortisone shots, therapy they lasted a few short weeks I thought i would have to live with the pain. I have greatly improved an am getting better.
She takes the time to listen and evaluate with sincerity. She truly cares about you as a person.
She also teaches you about your body, answers any questions you have.

Dr. Shao's husband is so caring and accomdating with appointments and any questions you might have.I can not say enough if you are thinking of trying acupuncture do not wait see Dr. Shao you will not not believe how much she can help you!!
Anita G

Candace (September, 2016)

Dr. Shao is a miracle worker! I have been going to her for over 15 years. I began going to her for interstitial cystitis and food allergies. I have been symptom free from the interstitial cystitis for over 15 years. She has also really helped my insomnia. Sam, Dr. Shao's husband does an amazing job running the office! He is very accommodating in scheduling you an appointment that works best for your schedule. Dr. Shao is very intuitive and knows exactly what is going on inside your body without even having to do blood work. I always trust her advice and recommendations as she has years of experience! The best in town!!

Sherry (December, 2015)

Dr. Shao helped me recover from tendinitis in my feet. I highly recommend her!

Aniko (November, 2015)

Amazing staff & quality of care. I originally started seeing Dr. Shao after a foot injury that required surgery, to speed up my healing.  I've continuing going because of the quality of care and the overall health benefits she and her staff provide.  Every time I schedule an appointment, they start by reassessing what my body's needs are and customizing my appointment based on what my body needs help with.  Sometimes it's my sleep that needs help, other times it's my digestive track that could use improvement or allergies and skin inflammation.  
My mother also visits her regularly and drives from Clearwater, FL because of the amazing work she does.  They remember us every time we go and always ask me how my mom is when I'm there.  Shows they really pay attention to their patients.

Shannon (November, 2015)

I want to share what a wonderful experience I've had with Dr Shao over the years. I initially came in for stress and infrequent abdominal pain, and her treatment was the best relief I'd ever received, even before I started on supplements. The acupuncture is so pleasant, you won't want your sessions to end...
She carries the best medicine at better prices than I've found elsewhere and the entire treatment is very affordable. You can spend 5X as much to see an alternative doctor to prescribe the same meds -- but you won't get the same level of care. If you have some elusive disorders that regular doctors aren't able to pin down, do yourself a favor and step outside of your norm.
Dr Shao is very knowledgeable, and she and her staff are friendly and professional.

Erin (August, 2015)

So happy to have been referred to Dr. Shao.  Everyone at this office is so nice and caring- it really does feel like a 2nd home.  It is uncanny sometimes that by just looking at me she can tell what dietary items I have been eating and need to avoid.  I trust her implicitly and greatly value her treatment and care.  If you are looking for Accupuncture- this is the place!!!!! You can tell she really cares about all her patients and wants to impact their lives and health.

Kay (August, 2015)

I love Dr. Shao. She eliminated the bursitis in my hip by decreasing the inflammation [while other] physicians wanted to give me a steroid injection. Everyone in the office is so kind.

Michelle (April, 2015)

I came to Dr. Shao as someone new to acupuncture. She was so thorough and informative! I really felt rejuvenated after the first treatment! I am definitely sold and will be back! She's awesome!

Gregory (March, 2015)

I feel a great release of negative energies during treatments and increase in peace following.
Extremely experienced in acupuncture, knowledgeable about digestion, energies and reading the body, stress and allergy treatment techniques, nutrition, carries good supplements as well.
Lovely family, qi flows here!!!!

Sumalin (November, 2014)

Dr. Lian help improve my mother's condition a lot. She listens to her problems and helps with her lifestyle choices to improve her health. Dr. Lian is doing a great job!

Joe (September, 2014)

Dr. Shao is very professional and very knowledgeable in her field. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good acupuncturist.

Yolanda (Jan, 2014)

I love Dr. Shao. If not for her i would not have been able to achieve my dream of having a baby. I went to her. I did whatever she said and I have a baby girl now. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking acupuncture.

Carmen (Over a year ago)

Before I started Acupuncture I was hospitalized at least once a year for severe digestive problems or Sinus infections caused by allergies, to the point that my system was not accepting any more antibiotics. A good friend of mine referred me to Dr Shao and after a few treatments my life started to be more enjoyable. Having Dr Shao and her staff in my life is a real blessing. Thank you Dr, Shao, Dr. Xue and Sam, you are the best,

Lei Sie (Over a year ago)

What I love most about Dr. Shao's office is the people. They are down to earth, honest, patient, knows both Western and Eastern Medicines, and takes the time to explains whatever it is I am concern... Most importantly to me, Dr. Shao does not close herself to one sets of thought, idea, way, treatment, method, and she does not force me to do anything that I am not comfortable with.

Barbara & Don (Over a year ago)

My husband has suffered with Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia which causes severe daily migraine headaches for more than 30 years. Over the years, He has gone to several neurologists who have been almost no help to his condition. Our internist gave us Dr. Shao's business card and on his first visit it was life changing. His headaches are gone. Dr. Shao has helped with abdominal pain as well. She is extremely patient and caring. You couldn't ask for a better acupuncture doctor . He has gone to her when he had what was diagnosed as a viral intestinal problem. After several treatments, the problem went away without any Western medicine or drugs. We thank Dr. Shao for having such knowledge and ability to get him back healthy.

Brian (Over a year ago)

I love to run!! That being said, I knew I had problems and issues getting to the next level of commitment and endurance with my running. The reason I started running was to help clear my head of anxiety and stress from work. My body began telling me that I needed help to keep going. That is when I researched and explored the idea of acupuncture and asked around, in circle of running friends, for recommendations and found Acupuncture Solutions. This was my first time ever trying acupuncture. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. Dr. Shao evaluated me and immediately helped me put my mind at ease. I fell asleep on the table (I have insomnia)!! I knew I needed an alternative approach to my health and running lifestyle. I thought it was just "sticking needles" but, wow, was I wrong!! I have learned so much about energy, chi, and life force that has helped me so much!! and Dr. Shao and Dr. Xue are wonderful. They treat the mind, body and spirit. I recently did the 2013 Gasparilla Challenge, which was four races in two days (15k, 5k, half-marathon and 8k). I contribute my ability to being able to complete this awesome weekend of running to them.

Bruce (Over a year ago)

My wife was in a car accident 6 years ago. She suffered from a major neck injury. She couldn't turn and she had serious ear pressure for the last 6 years. She has consulted many physicians and had no progress. She was in despair. Two months ago, after I convinced her to see Dr. Shao. Her life started turning around. After the 1st visit, she can start turning and ear pressure disappeared by 90%. After weekly visit of 2 months, her pain disappeared by 95%. Now, she feels like a superwoman. She even challenged me in soccer, tennis, swimming, ...etc. Don't give up because we have Dr. Shao.

Lindsay (Over a year ago)

Before I walked into Dr. Shao's office, I was filled with anxiety and allergies. I was frustrated because the doctors I went to didn't know what my skin was reacting to. I've been given allergy medicines to try throughout my whole life. Some of these medicines didn't work and others “masked” the problem. The moment I sat with Dr. Shao, I felt a sense of relief. She has a way of truly listening to not just the problem I'm experiencing, but my emotions too. She is knowledgeable in so many areas and she makes me feel comfortable when sharing my concerns. If I call her because I'm not feeling well, she immediately fits me into her schedule and gets to the root of the problem. My over health has improved dramatically and even the confidence I have related to my own body has strengthened. She has truly changed my life on all levels. I'm very thankful I found her and I'm excited you are reading this testimony because you will love Dr. Shao and her warm staff! Warmly, Lindsay

Chet (Over a year ago)

Simply terrific! Highly recommended! Thanks to Dr. Shao, I can now walk upright with a straight back. I have been fortunate to have been under her care for the last four years; both my wife and I have sent our friends, relatives and acquaintances to see Dr. Shao for their various health issues. Everyone that we know sings her praises. We have no doubts she is simply the best acupuncturist (and also a special, caring person) in the country. We have even asked her to recommend acupuncturists for our friends in other cities and states, and all have been extremely pleased with her recommendations. She has earned our highest recommendation. chet & carol

Don (Over a year ago)

I have been using Dr. Shao as my Acupuncture Physician for over 10 years. I was first treated by her for a severe pain in my back that conventional medicine could not cure, they could only mask it with strong pain killers which left me in a "goofy" state of mind. I still had the pain in my back but I didn't care. After 2 treatments from Dr. Shao I was pain free and was able to sleep for the entire night for the first time in weeks. Since that time Dr. Shao has treated me for numerous injuries in addition to treatments for food sensitive. Dr Shao is the consummate professional who has a tremendous knowledge of the physiology of the human body and how things should work and she has the knowledge to help her patients to make things right in their bodies. She is an expert in herbal medicines and nutrition and uses her years experience as a Acupuncture Physician and Teacher of Oriental Medicines to improve the lives of her patients. I have highly recommended her to many of my friends and I will continue to do so. She is a Gem. Don Bishop

Google User (Over a year ago)

I have known acupuncture since I was a little kid. But I wouldn't be able to learn it is such amazing thing if I hadn't met Dr. Shao. I had terrible headache a few years ago. It bothered me whenever I got tired, stressful... I had only a few sessions of acupuncture treatments from Dr. Shao, my headache just gone completely. And it never came back seriously again. From time to time, I had different issues such as stomachache, leg cramping… every time the symptom was greatly reduced after I had the treatment from Dr. Shao…One more thing I would mention here is that Dr. shao is a so knowledgeable professional who has been in practice long enough to give you the useful tips for living in healthy life and preventing from sickness. Every time you will receive them as more bonus besides the treatment, and I really love it. I highly recommend her.


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